Canada Day Trivia Contest

We’ve teamed up with Gothamist for today’s trivia question. In recognition of Canada Day on July 1st, I’ve got five trivia questions with a Canada theme. Answer them all first and you’ll be invited to join us for our annual poutine dinner on July 9th.

(NOTE: you’re welcome to enter below to prove your trivia mastery to me—but as of 11:41 am we’ve received dozens of correct answers already.  Thanks for playing!)

The five questions focus on well-known Canadian abbreviations:

on Canadian William Shatner:What did the “TJ” in TJ Hooker stand for?

on Canadian landmarks:What does the CN stand for in Toronto’s CN Tower?

on Canadian provinces:Which Canadian province is known by the abbreviation NS?

on Canadian airports:Which Canadian airport is known as YVR?

on Canadian TV comedy:The Canadian comedy series SCTV aired on the late night schedule of which US broadcast network?

Use the form below to enter your responses to all five questions. The first response containing all five answers wins an invitation to the July 9th dinner in NYC.

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