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Interesting news stories. Favorite things. Occasional opinions.

Since 1997 I’ve been the guy who reads the newspapers to New Yorkers. That’s the easy part of my job. The harder part is deciding which stories to share in a limited amount of time. I include as many of them as I can on the morning telecast on NY1, but there are always more.

That’s how this website started. First it was Pat’s Papers. Then it became Pat’s Picks. It’s hard to describe how I decide what to post here—but it’s a curated mix of things that interest me. In a simpler time I would have simply said “this is my blog.”

About Pat:

Pat Kiernan has been the morning anchor at NY1 News since 1997. He’s known for his smart delivery and dry wit as part of New York’s morning routine. New York magazine called him “the media junkie’s morning addiction” and the Columbia Journalism Review cited him for his influence in shaping the nation’s news.

Pat takes on a wide variety of other projects in addition to his daily duties at NY1. He’s hosted business news programs for CNN and Bloomberg. His game show hosting credits include VH1’s “World Series of Pop Culture” and CNBC’s “Crowd Rules.”

Pat’s children’s book “Good Morning, City” was published in 2016. Appropriately, it’s about the sights and sounds of the early morning hours in New York.

Pat regularly hosts trivia events in New York City. He’s frequently called upon to moderate panel discussions on topics ranging from education to innovation to media to immigration.

The Pat Kiernan IMDB page continues to grow, with his frequent appearances “as himself” in scripted movie and television projects. Recent credits include the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, Money Monster, Difficult People and Billions. (And yes, he’s done a Law and Order episode.)

In 2017, Pat was chosen by the Canadian government to be one of his native country’s “Canada 150” ambassadors. He’s been addicted to the news since he started delivering the Calgary Herald in 1980. When he’s not reporting the news he’s probably traveling. Partly because he enjoys it and partly because he doesn’t have to set his alarm for 3 am.

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