Privacy Policy

Our aim is to handle any information we collect about you with fairness and integrity.

We do not sell your personal information to outside parties. We do however, request and collect certain information to enable the features of the web site. Here’s the breakdown:

The only identifiable information we collect at is information you choose to submit, such as when you comment on content or subscribe to a content feed or our update newsletters. We use the personal information only for the intended purpose, such as to deliver e-mail you requested. As part of this process, your information may reside on a third-party’s servers—but it remains within our control.

We use various analysis tools to review the traffic on and our previous site These tools provide us with summaries of “non-identifiable” information. (These reports tell us about traffic patterns. We can use this information to determine whether a particular day’s blog entry was boring or if we are more popular in Saskatchewan than Switzerland.) A “cookie” may be placed on your computer to assist with the collection of this information. To maintain a greater degree of privacy, your web browser can be configured to reject cookies—but that configuration may affect your ability to use all of the features of the site. We compile this information in summary form and we may cross reference it with other non-identifiable information (such as a zip code) submitted by you. We may share the information in summary form with advertisers or business partners to convince them that they should help Pat pay the bills.

If you subscribe to a Pat’s Picks e-mail subscription, the message we send contains detailed unsubscribe information. Some elements of our e-mail newsletters are only delivered when you “open” a message. This gives us the ability to determine how many of the people who subscribe to a message are actually reading it. We review this information only in summary form and will not get angry with you if you don’t read every word every day.

Pat’s Papers depends on your feedback and comments to keep the content interesting. If you send a message to us or choose to use the “comment” features of the site, your message may be posted publicly. Your messages will be retained somewhere—either on our computers or on third-party servers under our control.

The advertising we display on the web site comes from third parties who all have their own privacy policies. If you click on an ad you leave and will no longer be under the protection of this privacy policy. When ads are delivered to your screen, various techniques (including cookies) are used to track the ads and determine which ads should be delivered.

The FTC wishes for us to alert you that the advertisements on the site are, in fact, advertisements. Sometimes we are compensated simply for displaying an ad. Other times we are paid “per click” or receive a commission if you make a purchase from the advertiser. In cases when a story mentions a specific product we may post an adjacent link or other affiliate link that offers us a commission. Sponsored posts that appear in the regular content space on a page will be clearly identified as such.

We provide many links to other sites and content. We are not responsible for that content and when you follow those links you are subject to the privacy policy of another site.

There may be exceptions to the confidentiality of your information if we feel we are legally obligated to reveal something, or if you send us threatening or abusive messages.

This privacy policy was updated in April 2017. We reserve the right to change the policy and will post any change on the site. If you have questions or concerns about the privacy policy you may contact us here.

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