Job Offer: Facebook Ambassador

With 600 million members, Facebook has a population almost double that of the US. So it makes sense that the social networking site would need its own diplomatic corps. The San Jose Mercury News says as the company makes a push to expand worldwide, Facebook is hiring dozens of ambassadors to promote itself to foreign governments. Called “international directors of policy,” the new crop of employees will “act as multilingual, TV-friendly communicators in countries and for cultures that, in many cases, have very different values and laws about privacy and personal communications than the U.S.” Being a Facebook ambassador is not an easy position to score. The Mercury News says the posting for its Middle East policy director asks candidates to have a degree “in a related field, at least 10 years experience in both government and industry and ‘superb’ written and spoken English but also fluency in Turkish, Arabic or another Middle Eastern language.”

Here’s a posting for the Policy Director position based in Paris


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