OED Hearts Heart

The OED has grown a heart. In a first for the “authority on English language,” a graphic symbol has been added to the massive reference book says the Daily Mail: ?. It is listed alongside the word ‘heart’ and defined as a verb meaning ‘to love’. OMG (“Expressing astonishment, excitement, embarrassment, etc.: ‘oh my God!’”), muffintop (“A roll of flesh which hangs visibly over a person’s—esp. a woman’s—tight-fitting waistband”) and Dotbomb (“An Internet company which has become bankrupt or ceased to operate; a failed or unsuccessful dotcom”) were also selected for inclusion in the latest edition.

Speaking of language, the Daily Mail has a funny sidebar (“I Can’t Bay-Leaf It”) about a newish Facebook phenomenon called Supermarket Scrabble, which involves people rearranging spices so that the packages spell out dirty words.

This is an interesting look at how OED editors choose new words for inclusion:


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