Missouri Teacher Outed as Porn Star

Talk about a biology lesson. A middle school science teacher has been placed on administrative leave after one of her students went online and discovered she was actually porn star Rikki Andersin, reports the St Louis Post Dispatch. The New York Post says the “bespectacled, mother of four,” whose real name is Tera Myers, immediately copped to her past when a male student confronted her with a photo printed from the Internet—“Is this you?” he allegedly asked.  Can you imagine trying to corral a classroom’s attention after that bomb’s been dropped? School officials say they were shocked to find out about Myer’s past despite the fact that she’d been fired from a previous job after her past was revealed—and then went on Dr. Phil to talk about it.

Myers, whose real real name is Tericka Dye has quite a fascinating history. According to Wikipedia, she joined the Army after graduating from the porn industry and used the GI bill to go to college.

On Ms. Myer’s teacher website she has this Bruce Lee quote: “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.”


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