Man Beaten, Shocked, ‘RAPEST’ Tattooed on Head

A Texas man is one of four charged with tattooing the word RAPEST [sic] on the forehead of a mentally-challenged man reports the Dallas Morning-News. The 18-year-old victim says he was held down and “shocked in the genitals with a stun gun.” The man’s attackers then tattooed “I like little boys” on his chest and RAPEST on his forehead. The attack was allegedly prompted by a claim that the man had raped one of the women involved in the attack, though police say they’ve found no evidence to substantiate that claim.

The Oklahoman broke the story yesterday. The paper talked to the victim, who’s had a bar code tattooed over the one reading RAPEST, presumably a misspelling of “rapist,” since the attack:



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