How to Quicken Your Phone Draw

How long does it take you to locate your cell phone once it’s started ringing? Chicago Tribune columnist Ellen Page says she can’t find hers without performing “a wacky dance” while digging through her purse. So, armed with a stopwatch, she decided to find out if she was alone. Turns out she had lots of female company. (Men, it seems, were at a distinct advantage due to their baggy pants pockets.)

The best recovery time (three seconds) came from a bicyclist who had her phone tucked in a pocket of her fleece. The worst, from a mom who spent 16.5 seconds digging through her purse and coat pockets: “At least I found it.”

Warren also gathered some tips to help you find your own phone:

Always put it in the same place after use — no exceptions

Use the same purse every day

Pants, coat pockets are best but need to be deep, secure

In a colorful case it’s easier to find

Most “cell phone pockets” on purses are useless

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