Starbucks Name Mystery Solved?

If you’re a Starbucks customer, chances are a barista has spelled your name incorrectly at least once. Even the simplest names seem to get screwed up once in a while. We’ve been keeping track of them for years in our “Starbucks Alter Ego” posts. Some of our favorites included this submission from Antigoni:


Here’s another good one from Cassandra who admitted at the time that she was a little sleepy, but still couldn’t believe what the barista came up with:


We’ve often wondered how these mistakes are made. Is it just too noisy in the shop? Are the baristas in too much of a hurry to hear what you told them?
A hilarious new parody video from East Village comedian Paul Gale offers up a different suggestion…they’re not mistakes at all. (Warning, the video does contain a few F-Bombs).



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