Woman Sues Kobe Bryant for Not Marrying Her

Ladies, just in case Kobe Bryant tries to marry you: he’s already got a wife. A 46-year-old Ohio woman is suing the Laker for reneging on an alleged marriage proposal reports the LA Times. The woman filed a civil suit against Bryant last month, claiming that Bryant had signed some sort of document stating the two would be married. When asked why he would propose to someone when already married, the woman said she was unconvinced he actually had a wife.

The Orange County Register broke the story on Wednesday. They say the woman had previously filed suit against Bryant in Ohio, accusing him of invasion of privacy and defamation. The suit was tossed out by the judge, who called it frivolous. In a brief described as “difficult to follow,” the woman says she got a “completed and signed agreement from Bryant” in early spring. What that document said is unclear.

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