Texting Too Much? Watch for BlackBerry Neck

Here’s something that might finally get you to turn off that smartphone—it’s called BlackBerry neck. Allegedly, “it’s the formation of neck creases,” says the New York Daily News, that may be “formed by repeatedly looking down, again and again to send text messages and emails on your favorite cell phone or texting device.” Enter the BlackBerry facial.

Of course, someone has thought of a way to capitalize on the newest social media malady. The Daily News sent a reporter to a Manhattan spa to get the corrective BlackBerry treatment. She writes that the facial made her skin feel smooth but she didn’t see any immediate results—she was told she’d need four or five treatments to fully erase any smartphone-induced lines from her neck. But apparently, BlackBerry neck isn’t the only thing to worry about, aestheticians say pimples are the main smartphone-related problem they deal with: “I can tell right away what side of the face people hold their cell phones on.”

The San Francisco Chronicle dubbed the condition BlackBerry Neck in an article last year


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