Taco Bell: Would It Kill You to Say Sorry

Looks like Taco Bell does have some real beef. The company took out a full-page ad in USA Today this morning asking pointedly, “Would it Kill You to Say You’re Sorry.” They’re talking to the Alabama law firm that filed a class-action suit against the fast food giant, claiming the meat it uses is only 35 percent USDA grade beef. The suit was withdrawn after the claims couldn’t be substantiated.

An excerpt of the text:

“We were surprised by these allegations, as were out 35 million customers who come into our restaurants every week. We hope the voluntary withdrawal of the lawsuit receives as much public attention as when it was filed. As for the lawyers who brought this suit: You got it wrong, and you’re probably feeling pretty bad right about now. But you know what always helps? Saying to everyone, “I’m sorry.” C’mon, You can do it!.

The ad is not Taco Bell’s first go at public passive aggression. When the lawsuit was first filed, they took out this full-page ad.


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