Study: Monday is Most Complained About Day

I bet I know what you’ve been griping about this morning. According to the Daily Mail, the average person spends 34 minutes complaining about Mondays. “Moanday,” far outshone the other days of the week, which, on average, only inspired about 22 minutes of grumbling. Monday was also singled out as people’s least favorite day of the week—one in three people said so.

Why is Monday so maligned? Here are the top ten “Monday moans,” according to the study, which was commissioned by Flomax Relief:

1. You dread your working week
2. You always feel more tired on a Monday than any other day
3. You’re already missing the weekend
4. It takes you a while to get back into work
5. You had too many late nights over the weekend
6. You over-indulged on food and drink at the weekend
7. You had a particularly active couple of days
8. You always have a mountain of emails to catch up on
9. You spent much of the weekend traveling around
10. You always feel a bit poorly on a Monday

And that’s not all people found to complain about. Not having anything to wear, having a bad hair day and the weatherman’s inaccurate forecast are popular complaints. I guess everyone just wishes it was Sunday…


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