Sidewalk Ragers Under Microscope

Muttering. Hostile staring. Giving a “mean face.” Those are the classic moves of a sidewalk rager says the Wall Street Journal. Researchers say “mental venting” about slow walkers makes sidewalk ragers feel better. They’re studying sidewalk rage to see how “how emotions influence decision making, attention and self control.” They say what’s most upsetting to “ragers” is a sense that slow walkers are breaking an unspoken code of civility.

If you suffer from sidewalk rage fall in step behind a headphone wearer. They’re the fastest walkers on the block, moving at 4.42 feet per second. Men (4.42 feet per second) are faster than women (4.10 feet per second) and if you have to choose between tailing a tourist (3.79 feet per second) or a smoker (4.17 feet per second), go with the latter.

If you’re not sure whether you suffer from Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome, here’s some more rager behavior. For the full list, click through to the Journal article.

  * Having denigrating thoughts about other pedestrians

  * Walking by a slower moving pedestrian and cutting back too soon (feels hostile or rude)

  * Feeling competitive with other pedestrians

  * Acting in a hostile manner (staring, presenting a mean face, moving faster or closer than expected)

  * Feeling stress and impatience when walking in a crowded area (crosswalk, staircase, mall, store, airport, street, beach, park, etc.)

  * Feeling enraged at other pedestrians and enjoying thoughts of violence



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