Obama and Palin Share Milkshake in Riverdale

If you ever wondered what Archie’s politics were, there’s an answer in today’s New York Post. In the latest issue, Obama endorses Archie for class president and Palin sides with Reggie.  But there don’t seem to be any hard feelings—the arch enemies are pictured sharing a milkshake on the issue’s cover.


Apparently, the story line will have a two-issue arc, complete with lying, cheating and a visit from the Secret Service—sounds like a real campaign. The politically charged comic comes just weeks after the folks at Archie Comics introduced their first gay character, Kevin Keller. Editors told the Daily Beast that their readers were generally tolerant of Keller, and that any canceled subscriptions were made up from with new subscribers. They expect their readers to be similarly tolerant of the political storyline.


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