Most Popular US Boat Name: AquaHolic

Two boat-related stories from the Florida papers caught my eye this morning. First, the Miami Herald says a case making its way through the court of appeals is trying to answer a question that could have ramifications for boat owners around the country: is a boat a boat or is it a floating residence? Legal experts are paying attention to the case, which they say could set a precedent regarding whether boat owners will be exempt from “property taxes if their structures are to be considered vessels.”

What if you’ve named your boat AquaHolic? The Sun Sentinel says that name topped this year’s list of boat names registered in the US. The list comes courtesy of BoatUS. Apparently, boat owners love a good pun. Here are some that didn’t make the top ten: Ahoy Vey. Byte Me. MyAgra.  And the full top ten: 1. AquaHolic 2. Andiamo (“Let’s go”) 3. The Black 4. La Belle Vita (“The Beautiful Life”) 5. Mojo 6. Island Time 7. Second Wind 8. No Worries Pearl 9. Serenity 10. Blue Moon.

(Photo courtesy of TheGirlsNY via Flickr)


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