Man to Eat his 25,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske started eating Big Macs on May 17, 1972. And today, the Wisconsin man will hit a milestone says the Fond Du Lac Reporter: he’ll eat his 25,000 one. He buys six on Monday and eight on Thursday and eats them throughout the week. When he travels, he packs two spares. He’s even eaten an emergency burger sent to him in Hawaii by a friend: “I froze it and then I baked it in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. I figured if that didn’t kill the germs, nothing would.” To document his achievement, Gorske says he’ll show up to today’s burger ceremony with receipts that prove his feat; according to the Reporter, “the need to keep track of his Big Mac consumption is part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder he has dealt with since childhood.”


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