Mad Men Season 5 Delayed Unitl 2012

Fans of “Mad Men” get ready for a long wait. According to the New York Times, the fifth season of AMC’s highly popular show has been put on the back burner until early 2012. Apparently Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, was offered a three-season contract, worth $30 million, by the network but has yet to sign on because of proposed changes that he says would make “Mad Men” a “different show.” Cutting the show’s budget to save money is one; shaving two minutes off each episode for commercial time is another.

The Times says fans took to the Internet with their own proposals for slashing the budget, offering up characters Betty Francis and Harry Crane for the chopping block.

The New York Post goes one step further, offering up the odds of each character has of receiving a pink slip. Don Draper: 100/1. Pete Campbell: 60/1.



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