Is That Gerald Ford?

Rudy Giuliani has lost some serious weight—at least the portrait version of him has. The former mayor’s official portrait was unveiled at City Hall yesterday says the New York Daily News. But Giuliani was so trim that many visitors mistook him for Gerald Ford. Observed one man: “He looks a little too thin to be Giuliani, but they always try to make paintings look flattering.” He also appeared to be a little too tall, apparently other nice side effect of having your portrait drawn. Giuliani didn’t seem to excite about the unveiling either, despite his buff portrayal: “I’m superstitious about portraits; they’re for dead people.”

Buildling on the notion that it would be nice to be thinner in pictures than you are in real life, I had our control room crew slim me down for “In the Papers” on NY1 this morning. My slim and regular photos are below.

You’ll find that portion of the broadcast about 6m30s into this video clip.

image  image


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