Investors Sue After Money Spent on “Candwiches”

Given the name “candwich,” you’d be forgiven for thinking today’s New York Times article is about liquid sandwiches. I did. The paper says a group of investors is suing a man who spent their money developing sandwiches that are sold in a soda can, hence the name. But candwiches, a product that is unbelievably still on the market, is actually just a “patented idea of putting solid food in a beverage container.” The paper says the investment scam was successful in part because the investors were from Utah, which has “a reputation as a place where many people are na?ve or trusting to the point of losing their shirts.”

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And, by the way, we’re not just talking peanut butter and jelly - BBQ chicken and Pepperoni Pizza varieties also exists. Click here to learn more about “candwiches”


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