Ideal Woman a Sum of Hollywood Parts

What does the ideal woman look like? According to two Hollywood plastic surgeons, she has “Natalie Portman’s nose, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, Halle Berry’s jaw line, Amy Adams’ skin and Penelope Cruz’s body.” Oh and don’t forget Taylor Swift’s hair, Anne Hathaway’s eyes and January Jones’ cheeks. The surgeons surveyed more than 1200 of their current and former patients to see what body parts were in hot demand. The only problem? When the New York Post actually made a composite photo from all these A-list features, the results turned out to be a little creepy.

On the male side, winning features included “Jude Law’s nose, Hugh Jackman’s eyes, Jon Hamm’s jaw line, Ashton Kutcher’s lips, George Clooney’s hair, Leonardo DiCaprio’s cheeks, Neil Patrick Harris’ skin and Mark Wahlberg’s body.” The surgeons say the actual shape of the features their clients ask for never really changes but that it’s interesting to see how their cultural touchstones do.



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