Hot Banker’s ‘Assets are Fake’

Debrahlee Lorenzana may have been fired from Citi for her curvy body, but it wasn’t the one she was born with says the New York Daily News. The paper found footage of Lorenzana’s appearance on the 2003 Discovery Health Channel series, which chronicled her breast enhancement surgery - the fourth time the self proclaimed plastic surgery lover had been under the knife. In the video Lorenzana goes on about wanting to be “stacked like a Playboy Playmate” and says her ultimate goal is to find “a blue-eyed dreamboat with the looks of a George Clooney or Ben Affleck.” Her lawyers say their client’s love of plastic urgery doesn’t excuse Citi’s alleged behavior.

Watch the Discovery Health segment:

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The Village Voice broke Lorenzana?s story last week. It was quickly picked up by the other papers and by many TV stations. The Voice also got their hands on several photos Lorenzana?s lawyer snapped for the lawsuit.



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