George Steinbrenner Dies of Heart Attack

I was on air this morning when news came in that Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner had suffered a massive heart attack. The following reports confirmed that Steinbrenner was pronounced dead early this morning at a Florida hospital. He was 80. The St. Petersburg Times’ obituary starts out with this quote: “I’ll tell them until they’re tired of hearing it. I don’t live in New York. I live in Tampa, Fla.” The paper says while his exploits in New York often showcased his bombastic side, Steinbrenner will be remembered in his adopted hometown of Tampa as “the compulsively generous, big-hearted billionaire who leaves a legacy of quiet philanthropy to children.”

The New York Post says he was “both loved and loathed” but was ultimately respected across the board for his determination and dynastic legacy with the Yankees. The paper says under him, the New York club became the “most popular and profitable team in the nation.” He led the team to seven World Series titles; The Yankees dedicated their 2009 win to Steinbrenner.

His death comes just days after longtime Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard passed away.

More about Steinbrenner’s life from Wikipedia

Steinbrenner wasn’t just famous for his tenure with the Yankees. Remember this “Seinfield” cameo?


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