Emmy Review: Ho-Hum, At Best

I watched the Emmys last night and they weren’t funny—Jane Lynch wasn’t funny. And the voiceover guy was really not funny. Washington Post reviewer Hank Stuever put it well this morning, writing that “it’s bizarre how much effort goes into something that can seem so phoned-in: predictable awards, tongue-tied acceptance speeches, wan comedy bits.” Stuever says this year’s show was so boring that “Mad Men” creator, Matt Weiner, usually an unflappable cheerleader for his AMC drama, had to “fake it” after receiving a “Best Drama” prize for the fourth year in a row.

Maybe it was Rupert Murdoch’ fault. Stuever says Alec Baldwin declined to appear on the telecast after producers cut a pre-recorded bit he did on the News Corp phone hacking scandal—News Corp, as you know, owns Fox, which broadcast this year’s Emmys.

Click here to see a full list of this year’s winners.


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