Dose of Love Helps Pain Go Away

Looking for a new pain reliever? Try a dose of love says the San Francisco Chronicle. Researchers at Standford claim “wild, reckless, passionate love has pain-relieving powers akin to morphine.” Specifically, they are talking about new love. The researchers say because they’re located on a college campus, looking for research subjects was like fishing in a bucket.

The hypothesis was investigated by looking at MRIs of those who said they were passionately in love. Brain scans showed that “chemicals the body puts out in the early stages of love work on the spinal cord to block the pain message from getting to the brain.”

Read more about the study from Standford University

Below is the survey researchers gave their test subjects in order to determine how passionately in love they were. Unfortunately, the Chronicle doesn’t provide a link, but clicking on the image below will get you to a printable version:



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