“Closa Nostra”: Biggest Mafia Bust in US History

It was “Closa Nostra” yesterday says the New York Post. The FBI busted close to 130 alleged mobsters in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island in the biggest sting operation on organized crime in US history. There was even an arrest made in Italy. So many were taken into custody that an entire Brooklyn Army fort and 800 agents had to be used to arrest and book them all. Many high ranking members of New York’s five families were among those apprehended, including the “Colombo family’s entire not-already-imprisoned leadership.” Attorney General Eric Holder was on hand for the arrests, a sign that many interpreted as the Justice Department seriousness about ending organized crime in this country.

However, the biggest discovery, says the New York Daily News, was a “treasure trove of amazing mafia monikers.” Tony Bagels, anyone? Or perhaps, Baby Fat? And then there’s my personal favorite, Johnny Cash.



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