BlackBerry Messenger Linked to London Riots

London is literally burning. For the third day in a row, riots have engulfed the city reports the Guardian. The violence has spread to other cities and has gotten so out of hand that Prime Minister David Cameron says he’ll send 6,000 more officers into the streets. Unfortunately, no one is quite sure what the riots are about. The shooting death of Mark Duggan, a man the police call “criminally connected,” sparked the first waves of violence.

Meanwhile, RIM is co-operating with British authorities who think that its BlackBerry Messenger program played a large part in organizing the riots. Police say because messages sent via RIM’s system are encrypted, the service was favored by those planning the mayhem. Although RIM could be ordered to turn over messages if ordered to, they would likely—as they have in the past—claim that messages cannot be unscrambled once they’ve been sent.


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