Bathrooms Still Pretty in Pink

Only little old ladies have pink bathrooms, right? Wrong. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the 1950s decorating faux pas is making a comeback, fueled by the popularity of “Mad Men,” recession-friendly remodeling and the “flattering glow” they give off. There’s even a website where home owners can sign a pledge to save their own rosy-hued restrooms.

Pink bathroom boosters say it’s a testament to 1950s craftsmanship that many examples still exist: “They used mud-set tile, which is a lost art. That tile is not moving.” Design industry experts say the trend is more prevalent on the West Coast where distributors say they can’t keep pink fixtures in stock. was started by a woman who says her inspiration came from watching folks on TV home decorating shows rip out their pink bathrooms “with evil glee.” On the site you can join the 500 or so people who’ve signed a pledge to save their own bathrooms from the sledgehammer.

Apparently, America boasted 5 million pink bathrooms at one time. And Mamie Eisenhower is credited as the lady who started the trend.

And I can’t resist putting up this video. says perhaps this little girl is so enthusiastic about life because she lives in a house with a, you guessed it, pink bathroom:



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