Alaska Villages Outlaw Yeast, Sugar

In most communities, you can buy yeast and sugar at the grocery store. But not in Alaska, says the Anchorage Daily News, where some villages have outlawed both alcohol and supplies to brew it at home. Conceived as a way to regulate alcoholism, a sheriff recently arrested a man after finding yeast in his home. The man says he was simply going to bake some bread. The Daily News says police are so used to the bread answer that they have a special line of questioning for those who claim to be bakers: “We’ll ask the questions, ‘How much yeast does it take to bake a loaf of bread,’ and you’ll get an answer like, ‘Oh, a cup’....I mean, it takes like a tablespoon, so that makes no sense.”

In case you find yourself in a remote Alaskan police station, interrogated about the intricacies of home brewing, here’s a primer:



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