Village Voice Declares Pat Best Twitterer

Thanks to the Village Voice for declaring my Twitter feed a favorite at their first annual Web Awards. I was on hand Tuesday night to pick up my prize, which included a huge foam finger and a oversized can of Four Loko. I declined host Todd Barry’s invitation to chug it on stage, but promised I’d crack it open on a night when I didn’t have to set my alarm for 3 am.

It was nice to catch up with Voice editor Tony Ortega (@voicetonyo), who I’m posing with above, and put faces to some familiar Twitter handles. I met @thisisjendoll and @wearyourfek, though I referred to them by their real names. He was there on one of his final days as a Voice blogger now that he’s been hired by Esquire.

I also met the woman behind the Justice in Brooklyn blog post (another winner) who told me it was nice that her post about getting her bike stolen and then finding it for sale on CraigsList got so much attention—she just wished that the novel she published last year had done the same.

For me the best part of the evening was not the cat home movie montage, it was being free to express myself in more than 140 characters.

Check out a slideshow from the Voice Web Awards or click here for a full list of the winners.

14-year-old YouTube sensation Astronomical Kid performed his viral hit “Stop Lookin’ at My Moms” at the show:


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