TSA Blog is Actually Sort of Fun

I don’t often describe TSA airport security officers as fun. But in the frenzy over intrusive airport screening I ended up on “The TSA Blog” today. It’s not officious. It’s conversational. It’s informative. And it’s a bit fun.

Example of fun #1: the “Delete-O-Meter.” As you’d expect, a TSA blog that permits user comments might get a few angry rants. They let most of them go unfiltered, and have a Delete-O-Meter to let you know how many they blocked for reasons like profanity, threats or personal attacks.

Example of fun #2: in the blog’s Holiday Travel Tips, the first piece of advice is for traveling turkeys: Stay away from humans.

One of the top posts today is a plain-language response to the video of the 8 year old boy being screened without a shirt. “Blogger Bob” notes that the shirt was removed by the boy’s father in an attempt to expedite screening. I was impressed to see that the blog post didn’t duck the criticism—including a link to the YouTube clip that caused all the fuss.

Obviously, the TSA Blog is designed to tell one side of the story. But they deserve credit for getting their message out in a straightforward way that can reach travelers directly. I find it hard to work up as much anger at an organization that included this warning for Thanksgiving fliers: “Additional screening of pies does not include our officers tasting the pie, no matter what they tell you.”
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