Super Granny Thwarts Jewerly Heist

It’s Super Granny! You’d think a midday jewelry heist on a busy street would attract some attention. Not so. Check out this amazing video I just stumbled across. It shows cars whizzing by as a group of robbers, armed with sledgehammers, smashes the windows of a jewelry store and fills their bags with loot. And they would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for a brave purse-wielding grandmother.

The incident happened in Northampton, England. The Northampton Chronicle and Echo interviewed “Super Gran” Anne Timson, who said she thought someone was getting beaten and “I was not going to stand by and watch.” The Chronicle also got an explanation from the cameraman as to why he didn’t do more to intervene. He says his shot was locked off for a scene in a documentary and he wasn’t paying attention when the incident began.



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