Pat Hits the Ice

I’m starting to get nervous. The “Celebrity Skate 2012” challenge is just over a week away and I’ve got a lot of work to do.  I’m up against some pretty stiff competitors, including designer Nicole Miller and Nobel Laureate economist Robert Engle. But apparently, memorizing a figure skating routine is not something I’m particularly adept at. I can skate just fine—or “ice skate,” as you Americans like to (pointlessly) clarify—but the routine I’ve been charged with perfecting is tripping me up. The Ice Theatre of New York, which is sponsoring the event, paired me up with veteran ice dancer Eve Chalom. Check out her very patient coaching below. The Theatre’s artistic director Douglas Webster is just as patient, which is a good thing. I’m planning on several more trips around the rink before I make my public debut.

You can buy tickets here.


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