New Look at Pat’s Papers

We?ve been busy for the last couple months making improvements at Pat?s Papers and late yesterday we rolled out our new site.

For the most part, the new site will look and act just like the old one. If you?ve signed up to receive our daily newsletter, you?ll continue to see it in your inbox every weekday morning. But there are some new features we?re excited about and want you to be on the lookout for:

Continuous Updates
Instead of posting a list of our favorite stories once in the morning and once at noon, we will now post stories as they catch our eye. If you go to the ?Story Stack? section of the website, you?ll be able to see every entry as soon as it?s in our system.  As is the case now, we will update more often in the morning than afternoon.

Pat?s Picks Snapshot

Each day at noon, we pick our favorite stories from the Story Stack to compile ?Pat?s Picks.?  We publish a trimmed-down version of this list before 9 am as ?Pat?s Preview.?  Both are available on the homepage and by e-mail subscription.  If you are already subscribed no action is required.

Pop Culture Trivia
I?m always grateful to hear from fans of the ?World Series of Pop Culture,? and want to have some fun with our favorite subject matter.  Starting next Monday, click on the Trivia tab at the top of the home page.  I?ll post a daily question.  Follow me on Twitter (@patkiernan) for a heads-up when the new question is online.

If you spot a great story in your local paper, Tweet a summary and URL to @PKtips.
After a short delay it will appear in the right column of the Story Stack as a reader-generated story.  (And, of course, it goes to me for consideration as one of Pat?s Picks.)

DISQUS Comments
With the DISQUS system, we can effortlessly add your name and photo to your comments when you sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account.  If you choose to do this, DISQUS can return the favor and let your followers and friends know what was on your mind.

We hope you like our new look, we continue to use your feedback to improve the way Pat?s Papers works and are always interested in your opinions.

Pat Kiernan


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