Live Action Toy Story - A Start-to-Finish Remake

If you’re a “Toy Story” fan, be sure to check out this live-action version I just read about. It’s the whole movie, but instead of computer animation, it’s filmed with real actors—and real toys. The Daily Mail says it took the young filmmakers, Jonason Pauley, 19, and Jesse Perrotta, 21, two years to film their opus. They kept production costs down by casting friends, using a regular old camcorder, green screens, stop-motion animation, and “good old-fashioned puppetry.” The film uses the original score, which you might think would create some copyright issues but Pauley and Perrotta say they tweeted at several top Pixar executives for permission and never got a ‘no,’ which they interpreted as a ‘yes’.  After their final edit, the pair traveled to Pixar’s studios in San Francisco to hand out copies of their finished production, which you can check out below. (I’m waiting for Disney’s copyright lawyers to get angry—but so far the video is still online.)

You can read more about 21-year-old Jonason Pauley and 19-year-old Jesse Perrotta before you watch by visiting their Facebook page.  Or just get to it and click the YouTube link below and enjoy.


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