Letterman’s war on NY1 (actually quite funny)

David Letterman decided to have some fun at the expense of NY1.  Our man-on-the-street Roger Clark and I were the subjects of his “Local News Reporting of the Night” segment. That’s not, generally, a good thing.

But we’re kind of thrilled to have been a part of it.

Unlike Dave and his 42 minute daily gig, I’m on the desk for hours at a time. Of course there are technical glitches when you produce that much TV. We put together our own blooper reel every year for our staff party. 

I’ve been looking for a digital copy of the Letterman segment all day.  And now the folks at Gawker have posted it for your enjoyment

For the record, we were playing a long soundbite.  While that was on, Roger’s cell phone connection to our control room dropped.  He thought he was still waiting for a cue.


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