Gift Wrap: Actually, You Don’t Get What You Pay For

Somehow we ended up with some really fancy, thick Christmas wrapping paper. It’s impossible to work with. Give me the cheap stuff any day.

I think someone at work or school sold it to us on one of these fundraisers. It’s a pretty roll of paper with a fancy label that says it’s from “Caspari.” Which apparently means something because they have offices in Charlottesville and Paris.

But it’s too thick. It doesn’t turn corners easily. And when you fold it over to make a corner it has a mind of its own. I’m trying to wrap gifts in a hurry. I am the boss of the wrapping paper—not the other way around.

Clearly you can go too far in the other direction. I had a few rolls of gift wrap last year that were so thin the paper often ripped before the parcel was in the hands of the recipient. But there’s a middle ground that this fancy paper has exceeded.

PS: I do like the wrapping paper that has the gridlines on the inside to help you cut straight. But this thick paper I ended up with this year doesn’t have that redeeming feature either.


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