Brussels Sprouts Ice Cream

Only about two people in our extended family actually like eating Brussels sprouts. Yet, faithfully, my mother and grandmother have prepared the vegetable every Christmas for as long as I can remember. So when I saw an article in the Daily Mail about Brussels sprouts ice cream, I imagined an interesting spin on this year’s vegetable course. The recipe is from a new cookbook written by two mothers who are hellbent on convincing more people that Brussels sprouts are delicious. And there is a touching back story: The women met while both of their daughters were undergoing cancer treatment. One girl survived. The book is dedicated to the girl who didn’t make it, a Brussels sprouts lover.

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Scroll down to buy the book or further down for the Brussel sprouts ice cream recipe that I’ll be trying to institute at this year’s Christmas dinner.

Once A Sprout, Always A Sprout . . . Or Maybe Not?




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