Today’s Starbucks Alter Ego: “Maradeth”

Pat’s Papers reader Meredith says, over the years, she’s gotten used to having her name misspelled—Meridith, Meredeth, Maredith, none of those faze her anymore. But when a barista re-named her after a metal band, well, she just had to send us a picture.

This is what she writes: “My name—both first and last—has been misspelled many ways in my 28 years, but this was a new one for me. The woman who made my drink (different from the guy who took my order) even commented, “Oh, well, looks like your name has two A’s now. I posted it to Facebook via Instagram, and mentioned I’d been taunted with “Megadeth” by a few boys in elementary school. Within an hour my friend Baly had created a pretty snappy new logo for what is destined to be my new band.” We think it’s rockin’, check it out below:


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